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Laura January 30, 2023 , Reviews

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Have you ever wanted to have great looking abs? Have you ever been ashamed of how your stomach area looked when you were in public? Do you exercise and still find it hard to tone your stomach area?

I wanted all of these things for myself. I always have wanted to have nice looking abs to show off when I’m at the pool. I have always exercised but as I got older I find it harder to keep my abs looking the way they did when I was younger.

I did everything I could to tighten my abs. I did situps, got a gym membership, ran for miles, starved myself only to get very minimal results and not to mention very sore stomach after all the situps.

I got upset. I knew that there had to be away. I looked around online and after a while of researching to find a solution to getting my beautiful abs back, I finally found Flex Belt.

I was even more happy to see Jerry Rice and Denise Richards had been using it and both of them had great success.

I looked around some more at different websites. I read all the reviews and made a confident decision to go ahead and ordered it and waited for it to come.

When it finally showed up at my house I was pretty excited about it, I mean cmon Jerry Rice promotes it. I opened the package and read the instructions.

The next day I began using it and I continued to use it in conjunction with my gym visits. I didn’t do anything out of the way.

I was already an active person so I just followed the instructions and started to see and feel my abs getting a bit tighter and I could actually feel the muscles in my stomach. I was super excited to see the results as quickly as I did.

After a few months of using it, I’m so glad that I decided to order it and to use it.

I can take my shirt off in confidence of how my body looks now. I actually go to the pool more often than I did before.

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What is Flex Belt?

Flex Belt is a revolutionary Ab Belt Toning system that helps to firm and strengthen the muscles in the stomach area.

It’s an Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and the first of its kind and is now available for consumer sales after many years in the professional medical community.Want To Buy Flex Belt? Read My Honest Review (3)

The system even allows you to be training your abs when you’re too busy to have a regular workout.

Even if you’re too tired to exercise you can use it to give your abs the workout they need to give you the abs that you are looking for.

It has been used by athletes, fitness experts and it has been recommended by physicians to people looking to tighten, slim and strengthen their abs in a low impact method.

The company that produces it has over forty years of experience in developing medical devices that are used throughout the world.

The company is based in Galway, Ireland and its products are used in over 5000 medical facilities around the globe.
What is an abdmoinal belt

How does the Flex Belt work?

The Flex Belt has clinically demonstrated results that you not only see but you can begin to feel in just a few days.

It works to stimulate muscles in the stomach area by sending targeted deep signals to the nerves and muscles that provide contractions in the abdominal area.

The signals cause the muscles to contract and then to relax, this works for all of your abdominal muscles safely and effectively in about 30 minutes.

The complete ab system will work out all of the muscles in the stomach; the lower and upper abs and the obliques will be given a rigorous workout all by itself.

The technology that is used (EMS) has been used is medical grade and has been used for over thirty years. It’s the same used by athletes, trainers, and physical therapists.

Using thermal imagery shows you exactly how your muscles are being effected while using the system.

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You also can see the areas that are red in the after pic show heat to indicate just exactly the targeted muscles in the abdominal area.

All you have to do is put on the easy fitting abdominal belt and it will send stimulated contractions to the muscle nerves that will expand and relaxes all of your abdominal area muscles.

You can do all of this in just thirty minutes a session once time a day while sitting on your own couch at home or at your job in your office chair.

Why was the Flex Belt created?

Originally it was created for use in the medical industry, specifically in the physical therapy arena. It was easy for people in rehabilitation to strengthen their abdominal muscles with it because it has such a low pain and effort factor, important for people in physical rehabilitation circumstances.

After many years of producing successful results in the medical industry, it was later picked up by athletes and followed by fitness trainers.

Today it’s used by both men and women looking to tone, strengthen and create firm looking abdominal muscles. More and more people are using it every day to help tone and tighten up their abdominal area muscles.

For who was the Flex Belt created for?

The follwing people are able to use the ab toning system:

  • People who rarely exercise
  • People who exercise or workout on a regular basis who want to shape their abs
  • Business executives who may be too busy to fit an exercise program into their already busy lifestyle
  • Monthers and mothers to be, they are really busy
  • People who are experincing back pain
  • Anybody who wants to improve their abs by toning and strengthening them

It can be used by people from all walks of life, regardless if your young and old, a man or a woman.

Anybody can use it, anybody, that really wants beautifully looking sculpted abdominal muscles that they will be proud of. To be noted it should be advised that anyone under the age of 18 should consult a doctor before using.

Has any testing been done for it?

After over a decade of being used by healthcare professionals, physical therapists and athletes around the earth the ab toning system has been tested and cleared for use by the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) before being released to the general public for personal use.

The testing provided results that backed up claims by the maker and users that it was safe for use and really did help to tighten, tone and increase strenghth in the abdmominal muscles.

Will it really work for me?

That’s exactly what I thought to myself before ordering it and the truth is that it will work for anyone looking to slim their tummy, strengthen the muscles in their stomach in a very easy way that fits into their active lifestyle.

It’s used every day by over two million consumers around the globe that are very happy that it is much easier than going to the gym to get beautiful looking abs.

Want To Buy Flex Belt? Read My Honest Review (4)

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The company that manufactures it is so sur ethat you will be satisfied with the results that it will bring you that they proudly offer a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

That gives you a long time to just so you can see how it will help to tone, slim and strengthen your abdominal muscles.

So you can go ahead and order today and start taking full advantage of the system and start to see results very soon.

What are the pros and cons of using the Flex Belt?

I could go on and on about the Pros and Cons of using the ab toning system but I will keep my list short so you can see for yourself.

But with this ab shaping the system the cons are real pros…

Pros of using the system

  • Beautiful looking tight abs
  • Firm and toned abs
  • Increased strength in stomach muscles
  • Can be used anywhere and at anytime
  • The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee no questions asked for anyone who is not satisfied with the results they are getting, that’s the highest in the industry

Cons of using the system

  • It strengthens muscles not remove inches of fat layers
  • Should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular workout routine, not just by itself alone
  • It’s not available in any stores, it can only be purchased on the official website that I have provided below, just click the button “ORDER NOW” and you can also see the testimonial videos from people who have used the system to get the results that they wanted.

What do people say about the Flex Belt?

This is just a few of the testimonials of people who have used the system to get the beautiful looking abs and increased the strength in their abdominal muscles:

  • “Using the ab toning system I know that I don’t have to worry about my abs, This does work” – Denise Richards, Actress, Entrepreneur & Mom
  • “It’s easy, I wear it every day and my abs are there to show for it” – Lisa Rinna, Actress, Author & Fitness Lover
  • With it working out my core might be the best thing I do all day.” – Adrianne Curry, TV Star, Model, Fitness Fanatic, America’s Next Top Model Winner
  • The first time I used it I was very surprised because it was working those muscles that I had been trying to work and I got the results that I wanted. I recommend people give it a try” – Jerry Rice, San Francisco 49ers All-Star
  • “When I won the title of Ms. Universe Figure I knew that all of the work I did and the dedication and looking for new methods that would help take me to an, even more, higher level. I really started to have a hard time getting my abs back in shape after having in an accident and injured my back and with help from the ab toning system I finally took my ab toning and strengthening workout to the next level, The thing that I can’t stress enough is that it is pain free and easy to use” – Jill Wade, Ms Universe Figure
  • “I have been an athlete and model in the fitness industry for about most of my life and I know that good abs come from a lot of hard work and dedication. As my schedule kept getting busier I was having a really tough time fitting in my ab workout routines into my schedule because I was spending my exercise time on other things, which is when I finally had decided to give this ab belt a try. I was totally blown away by just how intense the contractions were on my abs and how unbelievable they felt after just my first workout using the ab toning system. What was even more incredible was the convenience of using it. I could just put on it and continue with my day” – Brian Wade, Celebrity Fitness Expert To The Stars
  • “I was very impressed with a powerful contraction that it gave me. I train my abs hard and I can testify that if I increase the intensity to higher levels, even very fit people are going to be able to get a good ab workout. I now use it in addition to my current workout program just to take me to the next level. It’s the real deal.” – Lee, Body Builder
  • “When you juggle a career, socializing and everything else, products that can help you get in shape without stepping out of your front door are always a bonus. I have been using the product for the past few weeks now and have to say I am impressed with the results. It’s easy… I can just pop it on when I am getting ready, and tone up at the same time. It’s great.” Liz Mclarnon, Ex-Atomic Kitten

The Flex Belt is not in any stores it’s only available online from their official website. When you order it will be shipped safely directly to your front door. They have a completely safe and secure website to order from. They always have specials and promotions available.

I have added order now buttons to this review that will link you directly to the website and you can have it coming to your home today.”

One last word about Flex Belt

If you have been looking to work on your abs but just simply find it hard to get any results, then you should consider trying the Flex Belt. It gave me better results than I first expected when I ordered.

It not only improved my abs it gave me a huge boost in my self-confidence that was missing. It can help you to slim and tone your abs and increase your muscle strength.

If you do decide to order today they even give you access The Meal Planner, it works with using it as a tool to help you to lose weight and tone your body.

They even offer a 60-day guarantee to boot. I personally give it TWO THUMBS UP. See you at the pool…

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