Laser Hair Removal Manchester - VIVO Clinic (2023)

You can get VIVO Clinic’s popular Laser Hair Removal treatment done at our Manchester branch.

We use the innovative Tri-Beam Ice technology for our Laser Hair Removal service. That means the treatment is not only exceedingly effective, but it is safe and comfortable too. Moreover, this cost-efficient treatment will ensure that you never need to shave or wax again.

The Tri-Beam Ice technology targets hair follicles using a multi-wavelength platform. The focused heat emitted from the lasers is absorbed by the hair, and its follicle is broken down. Resultantly, these follicles can no longer produce hair.


VIVO Clinic’s Laser Hair Removal: safe, comfortable, and effective

The main advantage of using Tri-Beam Ice technology in our hair removal treatment at our Manchester clinic is that it allows the use of three different wavelengths from a single applicator. While a focused heat beam dismantles hair follicles, the active cooling feature makes sure there are no superficial burns by keeping the skin cool. The Tri-Beam Ice’s diode technology extends the cooling support to additional comfort. The applicator is equipped with several cooling pumps that gently release cooling energy to its sapphire tip, transmitted via a special conductive gel.

The simultaneous emission of the three wavelengths results in a pleasant and comfortable treatment. Additionally, the Tri-Beam Ice technology is suitable for multiple areas of the body and can be used on all hair and skin types; we can also use it to remove hair from tanned skin, guaranteeing the same comfort levels.

Treatment Summary

Laser Hair Removal Manchester - VIVO Clinic (2)

Procedure Time

10-90 minutes (approx)

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Back to Work


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Laser Hair Removal Manchester - VIVO Clinic (5)

Full Recovery


Laser Hair Removal Manchester - VIVO Clinic (6)

Sensitivity Period

2-3 days estimated

Laser Hair Removal Manchester - VIVO Clinic (7)

No. of Treatments

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6-8 treatment

Laser Hair Removal Manchester - VIVO Clinic (8)


1-2 months

Laser Hair Removal Manchester - VIVO Clinic (9)

Results Duration


Laser Hair Removal Manchester - VIVO Clinic (10)

Potential Risks

Mild redness & tenderness

Why is VIVO Clinic’s Manchester’s Laser Hair Removal so popular?

You will find Laser Hair Removal services in abundance nowadays, but there are a few reasons why VIVO Clinic’s treatment is so highly sought-after:

  • The technology we use is state-of-the-art; it is safe and produces the most effective results.
  • The use of Tri-Beam Ice guarantees a comfortable experience.
  • Our treatment is suitable for all skin and hair types.
  • The applicators we use for the treatment have tapered tips, meaning we can focus on hard-to-reach areas of the body as well.
  • We offer the treatment for the most cost-effective prices.

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

Laser Hair Removal Manchester - VIVO Clinic (11)

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For the treatment to work, hair needs to be visible on the skin surface. The most effective results can be achieved when the hair is at its healthiest, meaning hair follicles are in the ‘growth’ phase. During this time, healthy hair has the optimum pigment melanin levels. More pigment means more heat is absorbed, which leads to a more effective breaking down of the follicles.

There are two simple steps to the Laser Hair Removal process:

  1. The laser beams are focused directly on the hair. The heat absorbed by the hair gently damages the follicle.
  2. Once the hair follicle has been broken down, there will no longer be hair growth.

When compared to other methods, this treatment is a permanent solution. Unlike shaving, waxing or other similar procedures, Laser Hair Removal rids hair follicles from the skin rather than just the hair. This prevents hair from ever growing back.

Laser Hair Removal Manchester - VIVO Clinic (12)

Hair removal procedure at VIVO Clinic Manchester

Prior to performing the treatment, you will be provided with a consultation followed by a patch test. This is done to be certain that you are fit for laser hair removal. Plus, it will give you an idea of how the treatment works. The consultants will be able to advise you on the expected results and determine how many sessions you may require.

Please note, you must let our consultants know if you underwent tanning recently. Tanned skins require different laser settings.

The actual treatment is quite simple: an applicator will be used to deliver heat for a few seconds to the hair until the follicles are broken down. The laser will be applied very close to the skin, and the time it takes will depend on the area of the skin being treated. The procedure is not painful—however, there may be a little discomfort. And if, during the treatment, you feel you want to take a short break, just inform the practitioner.

At VIVO Clinic, safety is always our first priority. During the procedure, you will be supplied with a pair of tinted glasses to protect your eyes from the laser’s beam. The treatment is very safe and has no adverse effects on the skin, however, it is perfectly normal for the affected area to appear slightly red after the treatment.

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We will give you a comprehensive aftercare guide during the initial consultation. However, here are a few basic things you will have to do after our Laser Hair Removal treatment:

  • Avoid saunas, hot showers, and steam rooms for 72 hours after a hair removal session.
  • It is advisable to take a break from exercising for a few days.
  • Apply broad-spectrum sun cream to treated areas.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight for a few days.

Concerns about side-effects

A common worry when it comes to Laser Hair Removal is that it causes pain and has adverse effects on the skin. This is not true in regard to our treatment. The use of Tri-Beam Ice technology ensures that the skin remains cool and unharmed during the procedure. While hair follicles are heated up to 50°C, the epidermis of the skin remains around 25°C. This is achieved by utilizing a series of short bursts of pulse laser that gently builds up the heat while the applicator steadily transmits cooling energy to the skin. Resultantly, you will receive a relaxing, comfortable treatment where your follicles are broken down without any damage to your skin.

At VIVO Clinic Manchester, our combination of cutting-edge tech and extreme care ensure that our treatment does not lead to any harmful side effects like blistering or scabbing. In fact, you will hardly even have visible redness on the treated areas of the skin.

Treatment Areas

Laser Hair Removal issuitable for people of any gender,and you can have the treatment in a variety of areas, which are pictured below.

Myths and Facts

✘ Laser Removal isn’t safeRest assured, we only use the safest, FDA-cleared technology
✘ It’s too expensiveIn the long run, Laser Hair Removal can be cheaper than shaving/waxing.
✘ All Laser Hair Removal technologies are the sameThe technology we use is highly effective and treats a wide range of skin types.
✘ It’s painfulThe applicator cools while it treats, minimising discomfort.
✘ It can’t be used on dark skinOur technology can be used on all skin types and most hair colours.

How many sessions will it take?

In many cases, a single treatment is sufficient at VIVO Clinic Manchester. However, for larger areas of the skin, we recommend a series of 6-8 sessions.

Body hair can require up to four treatment sessions for best results, each taken at least six weeks apart. Facial hair may need the same number of sessions but each only four weeks apart.

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What areas of the body can be treated in VIVO Clinic Manchester?

At our Manchester clinic, we offer Laser Hair Removal treatments for several areas of the body, including the hard-to-reach ones like the earlobes and nose.

Laser Hair Removal Manchester - VIVO Clinic (14)

Our machines are cleared for all skin types (I-VI and tanned skin)
Laser Hair Removal Manchester - VIVO Clinic (15)

Book a Consultation at Our Manchester Clinic

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Laser Hair Removal Manchester - VIVO Clinic (16)

  • GBP (£)
  • EUR (€)
Treatment1 Session4 Sessions8 Sessions
Upper Lip£43£120£219
Beard/lower face£65£208£373
Side burns/upper face£54£175£318
Full face (includes nose, eyebrows, earlobes, upper lip)£87£296£560
Arms (full)£65£208£373
Chest (full)£65£208£373
Legs (full)£65£208£373
Feet (including toes)£54£175£318
Bikini Line£54£175£318
Full body women (includes arms, legs, abs, back and thighs)£120£395£758
Full body men (includes arms, legs, abs, back and thighs)£120£395£758
Treatment1 Session4 Sessions8 Sessions
Upper Lip€50€140€255
Beard/lower face€80€245€435
Side burns/upper face€65€205€370
Full face (includes nose, eyebrows, earlobes, upper lip)€105€345€655
Arms (full)€80€245€435
Chest (full)€80€245€435
Legs (full)€80€245€435
Feet (including toes)€65€205€370
Bikini Line€65€205€370
Full body women (includes arms, legs, abs, back and thighs)€140€460€885
Full body men (includes arms, legs, abs, back and thighs)€140€460€885
Treatment1 Session4 Sessions8 Sessions
Upper Lip$55$150$270
Beard/lower face$80$255$460
Side burns/upper face$70$215$390
Full face (includes nose, eyebrows, earlobes, upper lip)$110$365$690
Arms (full)$80$255$460
Chest (full)$80$255$460
Legs (full)$80$255$460
Feet (including toes)$70$215$390
Bikini Line$70$215$390
Full body women (includes arms, legs, abs, back and thighs)$150$485$930
Full body men (includes arms, legs, abs, back and thighs)$150$485$930
Treatment1 Session4 Sessions8 Sessions
Upper LipDH 1220DH 3405DH 6210
NoseDH 1220DH 3405DH 6210
EyebrowsDH 1220DH 3405DH 6210
EarlobesDH 1220DH 3405DH 6210
Beard/lower faceDH 1845DH 5900DH 10575
Side burns/upper faceDH 1535DH 4965DH 9015
Full face (includes nose, eyebrows, earlobes, upper lip)DH 2470DH 8390DH 15875
UnderarmsDH 1845DH 5900DH 10575
HandsDH 1535DH 4965DH 9015
Arms (full)DH 1845DH 5900DH 10575
Chest (full)DH 1845DH 5900DH 10575
Legs (full)DH 1845DH 5900DH 10575
Feet (including toes)DH 1535DH 4965DH 9015
Bikini LineDH 1535DH 4965DH 9015
BrazilianDH 1845DH 5900DH 10575
ButtocksDH 1845DH 5900DH 10575
Full body women (includes arms, legs, abs, back and thighs)DH 3405DH 11200DH 21485
Full body men (includes arms, legs, abs, back and thighs)DH 3405DH 11200DH 21485

Please Note - our London clinics have a £50 treatment surcharge

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